Monthly Archives - January 2020

Website Traffic

We all love to have a website that attracts a ton of visitors like a magnet. Unfortunately, Driving traffic to your website without the right strategies may end up not giving you the kind of traffic that you need to be successful. Here are four proven methods that will drive more traffic to your website fast. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) You can’t permanently increase your website visitors without proper SEO . You can gain more organic traffic to your website through Google and other [...]


Importance of web maintenance

Website maintenance is very important to any business or organization of any size.  Your website is a worldwide window into your business/organization and it has a strong effect on the worth of your product or services. Regular website maintenance draws and retains the site visitors/ customers,  preserves search engine rankings and provides information about new products and services to the general public.  Unlike the former years of the internet when things were different.  After developing the website everything is done, [...]