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Website Traffic

We all love to have a website that attracts a ton of visitors like a magnet. Unfortunately, Driving traffic to your website without the right strategies may end up not giving you the kind of traffic that you need to be successful. Here are four proven methods that will drive more traffic to your website fast. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) You can’t permanently increase your website visitors without proper SEO . You can gain more organic traffic to your website through Google and other [...]


Importance of web maintenance

Website maintenance is very important to any business or organization of any size.  Your website is a worldwide window into your business/organization and it has a strong effect on the worth of your product or services. Regular website maintenance draws and retains the site visitors/ customers,  preserves search engine rankings and provides information about new products and services to the general public.  Unlike the former years of the internet when things were different.  After developing the website everything is done, [...]


Facebook ads strategies that convert.

How to turn cold leads into paying customers using Facebook ads Selling product or services to a cold audience in Facebook is quite difficult. These people don’t know who you are they don’t have a relationship with you and they don’t trust you (yet). But with the right strategy, you can turn cold leads into warm or hot leads. Here are four tips to turn cold leads into paying customers Choose the right advertising objectives. There are quite a few objectives to choose [...]


Facebook ads for local business

How to leverage Facebook Ads in your local business Facebook ads can be very complicated due to the number of advertising objectives and ads format to choose from, however, not all ads objectives will work for local business, some objectives work great for online advertisements, while some work best with a mobile app. You must have at least an idea of a good strategy or maybe even a few strategies that will work best for your local business HERE ARE THE [...]


Facebook my business

Why did I title this post "Facebook my Business"? Facebook is one of the best platform you can grow your business fast and cheap. 3 Reasons your business needs to be advertized on facebook There are plenty of places where you can advertise your business. -Google Ad words -Facebook Ads -Twitter -Snap chat -Native ads And so much more Each platform has its own pros and cons, but Facebook is the place to be for people who are serious about growing their business. So, let’s dive into the [...]