Facebook ads strategies that convert.

Facebook ads strategies that convert.

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How to turn cold leads into paying customers using Facebook ads

Selling product or services to a cold audience in Facebook is quite difficult. These people don’t know who you are they don’t have a relationship with you and they don’t trust you (yet). But with the right strategy, you can turn cold leads into warm or hot leads.

Here are four tips to turn cold leads into paying customers

  1. Choose the right advertising objectives.

There are quite a few objectives to choose from on Facebook ads.

But when targeting a cold audience, It’s best to choose either brand awareness or reach to help generate interest for your business. Remember this is probably the first time they have heard about your business so you have to take them by the hand and introduce your brand. Getting too aggressive by selling something to them the first time will turn them off your brand.

  1. Produce content that shows you are expert in your field

Promoting information blog post, case studies, white papers, and other similar valuable content and positioning your brand as an industry leader will work wonders for your business. People will appreciate the value you are offering for free and would be more willing to open up their wallet for your products and service.

  1. Show proof that your product works

Testimonials and how-to videos are popular among cold audiences. If you’ve got a good product, showing proof that it actually works is good stuff.

This is why video ads perform better than standard text ads, in video people can see your product in action. If your product is price comparatively people will be more than happy to buy from you.

  1. Let your audience get to know you so they’ll trust you more

There is plenty of business advertising on Facebook right now. But not everyone gets personal with their audience. Sure they will put up nice adverts using stock photos and video. But putting on a behind the scene video or anything that proves that you are who you say you are is so much better. Even those who’ve never heard of your brand before will become curious about you and will read up on your business. Showing them who you and your team are will engage your audience and convince them that you are genuine and will not run away with their money.

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