Importance of web maintenance

Importance of web maintenance

Importance of website maintenance

Website maintenance is very important to any business or organization of any size.  Your website is a worldwide window into your business/organization and it has a strong effect on the worth of your product or services.

Regular website maintenance draws and retains the site visitors/ customers,  preserves search engine rankings and provides information about new products and services to the general public.  Unlike the former years of the internet when things were different.  After developing the website everything is done, the website would then sit on the internet and the traffic would flood in. Back then websites didn’t need any extra attention and maintenance except to change out the occasional wording of articles and it was rare, sometimes once or twice a quarter, especially when there was a special promo, but not often. Global hacking attacks and cybercrimes were not that prominent and small business websites weren’t being bombarded by attacks.

These days, your website is your business and it needs regular update. It is an investment that  pays off in the long run if managed and maintained properly.

Work in progress

A website is a project that is never truly complete. You might think we are saying it in other to get that paycheck from you for maintenance, No. We are saying it because it is true. There are a lot of things that regularly happen over a year. After all, you probably spent a lot of money on your website; you should also be maintaining that investment.

There are a host of things from content to malware to browser upgrades and even links, add-ons, plugins and software that need to be regularly updated if you want to get the most out of your investment. Unless you have your own IT department that includes experienced webmasters and coders, if not a website maintenance plan is a good alternative.

Key Benefits of a Website Maintenance.

  • Increases your Online Presence Publishing new articles or press releases helps to increase your online presence. Search engines always favor content rich websites. Regular updating the content on your website will help your business get higher ranking in search engines and also adds value to your business as well.


  • Boost your online sales. Regular updating your products or services will help boost your online sales, your visitors/customers will increase and retained if you are introducing new products or services.  As visitors/customers get desirable and complete information about your products or services, your online sales can be boosted.


  • Performance – Outdated scripts, plugins, and non-optimization of images and website compression slow down the website speed and loading time thereby making your website performance poor, and it also affects your business in terms of search engine ranking. Regular updates will help maintain speed and performance.


  • Security Updates  Just like the mall where different people come and go, you never know who is a malicious person, the securities are always in place to guard and monitor the environment and situation of things in the mall. The same goes for website security, thousands of websites are hacked every day because of poor security updates. The response is ensuring your website and servers are updated and current with the best software and security.


  • Cost Savings – If you keep on ignoring small problem and issues or not following up with the software update releases it will be piling up till the system breaks down and cause a steady loss of business,  it will cause you to wait and fix the entire thing. It is like not changing your engine oil for a year because of the time and small amount of cost and then not having a car for a week while the engine gets repaired because of that lack of maintenance. Web maintenance updates codes, plugin, and scripts, review your tags and check broken links, provides browser support and upgrades and do proactive website bug fixes, all to help keep your site running smoothly and helping you make money consistently without long downtime.


The conclusion is that website maintenance, much like vehicle maintenance, is necessary to keep things in good working order, safe, and running efficiently. The benefits of having a website maintenance plan often outweigh the costs by a wide margin because potential money lost from problems affects both your business and profit margin.

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